Parasitology Services

Parasitology Services

providing expertise in diagnostic testing
and scientific editing and writing
for neglected tropical diseases  

Who We Are

Patricia Wilkins, Ph.D. is the Director of Parasitology Services.  Dr. Wilkins has over 30 years of laboratory experience in parasitology, immunology, and biochemistry.  Dr. Wilkins is the former Chief of the Parasitic Diseases Reference Diagnostic Laboratory at the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention in Atlanta, GA and also has been involved in research to develop and evaluate diagnostic tests for many parasitic diseases, including malaria, schistosomiasis, cysticercosis, toxoplasmosis, toxocariasis, baylisascariasis, and others. While at CDC, Dr. Wilkins also led laboratories that diagnosed rare zoonotic infections, such as brucellosis, leptospirosis and anthrax.

Dr. Wilkins also has over 20 years of experience serving on the editorial boards of esteemed scientific journals such as the Journal of Clinical Microbiology and Clinical Microbiology Reviews and currently is an Editor for Clinical & Vaccine Immunology.

Our Services

Expert Consultation

 providing expert opinion and support services that focus on the design, development, implementation, and interpretation of laboratory tests.

Scientific Writing &  Editing

editing manuscripts for English and non-English speaking scientists in all fields related to tropical medicine
What do these lab results mean?
                     How do I best conduct this study?
                               Where can I get the materials for my research?

Evaluation of patients or programs is only as good as the laboratory measurements collected. It is important to understand the advantages and limitations of the laboratory test used in each circumstance. 

Often parasitic and other infectious diseases cannot be diagnosed by isolating and identifying an organism.  That’s when serological tests become important. 

At Parasitology Services, we have decades of experience developing immunodiagnostic methods for disease diagnosis and program evaluation.  True expert opinion is often not easy to come by in the field of tropical medicine. 

We have the expertise to help you, whether a commercial entity or a public health agency or academic institution.

We also provide support services and facilatate research studies worldwide. We can conduct research projects or short-term studies focused on detection and characterization of parasites that are transmitted through blood, food or vectors.

Publish or perish...say it isn't so!

It is so—like it or not.  Your success as a scientist is measured in great part by your publication record-the number and quality, measured by the impact factor of the journals in which you publish.

At Parasitology Services we have a passion for helping non-English speaking scientists publish their research in peer-reviewed journals.

That is why we offer English language editing and journal formatting for researchers around the world. 

Our services are provided by laboratory scientists to best preserve your original intended meaning. 

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